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Connecting Leaders with Opportunities and Analytics

LeadChange exists to exemplify the following core values:


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We seek excellence in all endeavors of LeadChange no matter how trivial the task or grand the strategy. Excellence in client service, innovation, operations, and the way we serve customers, employees, investors, and partners.


We approach business focused on the long term; building a company that creates lasting value through honesty, respect, and under-promising to over-deliver. We seek people with intellect, drive, creativity, and business acumen, but most important, resilient character that endures through adversity - people who will never sacrifice what is best for the company, clients, and shareholders for short-term gain.



We do not “own” anything and we are merely stewards of our time, energy, possessions, and talents. LeadChange exists as an organization to reflect these talents through hard work, solutions, ideas & creativity on behalf of our clients.


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LeadChange is a highly focused retained executive recruiting firm placing senior leadership across finance and operations in leading public and private companies. The current market for executive search lacks transparency and efficiency in the research, talent mapping, and candidate development phase of the process. LeadChange brings increased due diligence, rigor, and statistical analysis to this phase, creating efficiencies in pricing, structure, and delivery.



44 Milton Ave,

Alpharetta, GA 30009


5930 Preston View Blvd # 200,

Dallas, TX 75240

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